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Villa Olimpia in San Vincenzo

villa olimpia

It was a horse outpost and a geodesic point starting in the year 600. In 1939 Count Uguccione and Countess Lea Della Gherardesca commissioned the architect Tullio Rossi to transform it into one of their hunting and summer residence. The project undertook two phases: the first restructuring taking place in ’39, and the second in 1957.
The villa is situated in the Upper Maremma along the Tuscan Coast. It is located about 100 meters from the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the Nature Reserve of Rimigliano, and with a private park of approx. 7 hectares. It is one of very few houses positioned directly by the sea, and is the only one that has a private cabin built on stilts directly on the beach.

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Think about winter holidays now!

Think about winter holidays, why not to spend them in a country side or in the city center, enjoy holiday fireworks, hot sauna and Spa or beautiful views of Italy.

Find our latest ideas on your holidays in Italy wether it will be a hotel or a wonderful villa!

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Best beaches in Tuscany: Cala Piccola, Monte Argentario

Cala Piccola has some of the most translucent aquamarine water you'll find on Italy's western shore Photo: ALAMY

Wonderful article by Telegraph.co.uk:



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