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Villa Olimpia in San Vincenzo

villa olimpia

It was a horse outpost and a geodesic point starting in the year 600. In 1939 Count Uguccione and Countess Lea Della Gherardesca commissioned the architect Tullio Rossi to transform it into one of their hunting and summer residence. The project undertook two phases: the first restructuring taking place in ’39, and the second in 1957.
The villa is situated in the Upper Maremma along the Tuscan Coast. It is located about 100 meters from the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the Nature Reserve of Rimigliano, and with a private park of approx. 7 hectares. It is one of very few houses positioned directly by the sea, and is the only one that has a private cabin built on stilts directly on the beach.

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Turin, the most environmentally friendly city in Italy

Torino I

Turin has been declared Italy’s most environmentally sustainable city.

The northern metropolis came top of a ranking compiled by the Euromobility association ahead of Venice in second place and Milan in third.

The capital Rome came 20th out of the 50 cities surveyed by Euromobility, while the southern cities of Campobasso and Foggia came bottom.

Turin prevailed thanks to its good public-transport system, its bike-sharing and car-sharing schemes and the city’s high number of low-environmental-impact vehicles, thanks in part to public incentives to use cars powered by natural gas rather than petrol. Euromobility’s Scientific Director Lorenzo Bertuccio said that Italy on the whole was making progress in adopting greener transport systems.

”Steps forward are being made on the road of environmentally friendly transport,” Bertuccio said.

”Over the last year there has been a big increase in the use of bike sharing and in the number of methane and liquid propane gas cars”.


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Luxury historical villa near Florence

The house has been built in the 16th century and has been  modified in the following 18th century.
The most antique news of the Villa dates back to the first land register of 1427.
At that time it belonged to the family of Bonbeni, wealthy Florentine merchants who where related to the Medicis. Today the Villa, surrounded by an extended garden, maintains a plain style of th 15th century. Also the interior preserves a wide ranging grace of the same epoch. It’s architectural subdued aspect as well as the plan layout represent the typical Florentine harmony between architecture and nature in the 15th century, which shares this country residence with other Villas in the Tuscany hills. The property belongs to the present owners since the 18th century. The cellar is still original. It’s entire furniture consist of antique pieces and belong to the villa and it’s history as well as the antique cotto floor in all rooms.

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Villa Cala Galera – Porto Ercole still available for summer 2011

Villa Cala Galera


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