Luxury historical villa near Florence

The house has been built in the 16th century and has been  modified in the following 18th century.
The most antique news of the Villa dates back to the first land register of 1427.
At that time it belonged to the family of Bonbeni, wealthy Florentine merchants who where related to the Medicis. Today the Villa, surrounded by an extended garden, maintains a plain style of th 15th century. Also the interior preserves a wide ranging grace of the same epoch. It’s architectural subdued aspect as well as the plan layout represent the typical Florentine harmony between architecture and nature in the 15th century, which shares this country residence with other Villas in the Tuscany hills. The property belongs to the present owners since the 18th century. The cellar is still original. It’s entire furniture consist of antique pieces and belong to the villa and it’s history as well as the antique cotto floor in all rooms.

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