Tips for renting a villa by Forbes magazine

Renting a villa is not the same as staying at the hotel.  Villa gives more privacy, space and unites friends and family together.

And of course you pay less for the same service, as for Italy you receive Italian atmosphere and “festa” which is priceless!

Here are some tips from  the Forbes magazine ( for villa rental:

– “rental properties have the added advantages of full kitchen facilities, private hot tubs under starry skies and multiple floors of accommodation to keep combative parties apart. Nevertheless, there’s still an art to picking the right rental home for your crew.”

“1. First things first (and this is where controlling types need to either step up or relinquish all power completely): Delegate a decision maker in your group.

2. Know the kitchen. Holidays often require cooking for big groups, so it’s dangerous to assume the rental property you’ve chosen will have enough flatware and cookware for preparing and dishing up a holiday feast. Ask in advance about the availability of pots, pans and knives, and perhaps even the layout of the range and oven.

3. Be aware of any HOA rules.Because vacation rentals are often located in communities with other year-round residents, make sure you’re aware of the home owners’ association rules–such as parking regulations, power usage or even hanging beach towels on the balcony so you don’t ruffle the locals’ feathers.

4. Consider travel Insurance. Most vacation rentals require deposits and advance payments that are non-refundable. For peace of mind, take out travel insurance in case you need to cancel at the last minute. Travel insurance can be less than $20 for stays of a few days a small price to pay when you’re shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars on your accommodation.

5. Flexibility leads to savings. Renting a house in the Hamptons in September or October is considerably cheaper than during the peak summer months. And being flexible with location, too–such as staying a few blocks from the beach rather than right on it can lead to big savings.”

Do you agree with Forbes?

I have something to add though once you choose a good company, it will take care of everything and even negotiate the better price and service.


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